To create an alternative to traditional banking which ensures that ALL SHALL PROSPER (ASP).


We understand that any financial institution is not sustainable unless it delivers enduring prosperity to all its customers. 

We develop predictable income streams by providing specialist structured finance to carefully approved borrowers in an underserviced market. These finance facilities are only advanced on a secured basis which reduces the likelihood of loss of capital.

We don’t have the excessive expenses of branch infrastructure and top heavy management receiving huge remuneration packages, and don’t have shareholders to allocate dividends to. Therefore, the bulk of the income is directed towards delivering more interest to you, our depositors.

Our Borrowers are also our customers, and we ensure that they prosper as well. Our products are affordable and flexible, allowing the Borrower to maximize their commercial advantages in the marketplace. If businesses prosper, the communities in which they operate will also prosper!

Happy retirement with ASPT term deposits

As we couple our culture of caring and sharing with our operational strategies, we develop a financial institution which is able to prosper depositors, borrowers, and entire communities, thereby offering a genuine alternative to traditional banks.


Our strategy includes initiatives to develop and shape economic reform that develops sustainable prosperity for all and delivers solutions for social injustice.

We achieve this by addressing the root causes of issues such as homelessness, unemployment, sexual abuse, substance abuse, trafficking, domestic violence, recidivism, unsustainable debt, and other social distresses arising from the current unworkable economic culture of maximising self-interest at the expense of others. To find out more visit the ASP Movement.



Doing the right thing, being accountable and honest in all our interactions.


Respecting and valuing each team member to deliver the best outcomes for clients and the organisation.


Developing products that help individuals, organisations and community groups to prosper.


Developing a culture that cares for those in need, shares available resources and allows all to prosper.