Ensures best practice

ASP  Treasury operates under the administrative auspices of  River East Financial Ltd (REF).

  • River East Financial Limited is a registered Financial Services Provider under Registration number FSP4872279 in accordance with the Financial Markets Conduct Act of New Zealand.
  • River East Financial is registered with the New Zealand Financial Services Providers Register and follows guidelines set by the Financial Markets Authority: –

  • The register of financial service providers in New Zealand provides the public with an accessible and authoritative confirmation and qualification requirements to ensure best practice is adhered to. It assesses whether financial service providers are qualified for registration, registers and de-registers financial service providers, and has inspection powers in relation to financial service providers for compliance purposes.

The financial services ASPT provides through REF are:

  • Providing credit under a credit contract
  • Operating a money or value transfer service
  • Issuing and managing means of payment
  • Changing foreign currency
River East Financial is a registered New Zealand company, but it does not do business in New Zealand or with New Zealand citizens.

River East accounts are not available to New Zealand citizens.

AML/CFT Compliance

AML/CFT stands for Anti-Money Laundering and Countering Financing of Terrorism, and compliance with these requirements are something ASPT and its financial service provider, REF, in New Zealand take very seriously. REF and ASPT have established an AML/CFT Policies & Procedures within the regulatory framework for the New Zealand Financial Markets Authority (NZ FMA), although REF is not regulated by the NZ FMA.

Dispute Resolution

fsclASPT’s  dispute resolution is run through River East Financial Ltd (FSP FSP4872279), which  is a member of Financial Services Complaints Limited, member number 5214, which provides access to dispute resolution services in the event that assistance is needed to resolve a customer complaint or issue. This service is free to the customer, and provides a valuable assurance for customers that any issues will be heard and settled reasonably and fairly. It is especially valuable for international customers of ASPT because the customer is not required to engage a lawyer nor to travel to New Zealand, as the service primarily operates by mail, email and phone, and does not require lawyers. Financial Services Complaints Limited can hear complaints regarding, and award compensation for, issues of up to NZ$200,000. See here for more information about how the service works