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David has over 17 years’ experience in the banking and finance industry. He has originated hundreds of millions of dollars’ worth of commercial, development and residential finance for borrowers around Australia and overseas. David has managed mortgage trail books since 1999 for Mortgage Freedom, Aussie Home Loans, Home Loan Connexion and MacroLend. David has been a director and a member of the investment committees of various specialised lenders such as Paladin Acquisition Fund Limited, Paladin Property Fund Limited, Paladin Monetizer Fund (Australia), Paladin Monetizer Fund (Mauritius), Great Southland Limited (Belize), and has been a member of the investment committee of Kingsheart Diversified Growth Fund.

Mr Hodgson has designed and implemented the sophisticated and lucrative investment strategies of several cash-box companies and managed investment schemes, and has been directly responsible for the tightly held Paladin Acquisition Fund Shares which have paid investors an uninterrupted return of 17.5%pa since 2005.

In 2011 he designed and patented a market leading capital protection strategy in conjunction with one of the world’s premier banks, which is based on the hybridisation of a structured deposit instrument and a zero-coupon bond.

David is in constant demand as a speaker at business conferences all over the world, on the media, and at various universities and training institutions. David’s ability to innovate and pioneer risk management strategies, his solid management techniques, intimate customer service levels, and absolute integrity have been the driving forces behind his success.

Mr Hodgson is the CEO and managing director of Paladin Corporation, a group of over 30 companies and trusts with interests in Energy, Water Infrastructure, IT, Banking, and Health and Fitness


David Leslie is a co-director of ASP Treasury Ltd. He is also the managing Director and owner of Crestcorp International. David has a diverse background with experience in Information Technology, Merchant Banking, Executive Consulting, Education Services, Childcare, Property and Philanthropy.

David started his career at Hewlett Packard in 1989. Over the next 7 years he worked for National Westminster, Country NatWest, finishing off at a senior IT management role at Bankers Trust in 1996. At this point, David formed an executive consulting company working with individuals, businesses and Fortune 500 corporations. For 9 years his company focused on executive consulting, financial advice, investment training, business planning, wealth coaching and leadership training for business professionals, corporations, sporting stars, politicians and CEO’s of major corporations in Australia.

In 2005, in partnership, David formed a group of companies consisting of childcares, shopping centres, residential property and development sites. This business was built over 3 years to $21 million, until their corporation was unconscionably targeted by a financier in 2009. This was a difficult period for David and his family and resulted in a re-focus of his energies.
In 2011, David re-launched a new initiative to acquire and invest in companies that could help fund social and cultural change. Crestcorp International now manages ownership and interests in a multi-million dollar portfolio of property development, mining, new technologies, consulting, merchant banking and childcare. The main objective being of the company is to support initiatives that help resolve the core issues of social distress now prevalent in society.

David is also an accomplished speaker. He speaks regularly at business conferences, community groups, churches and other organisations nationally and internationally.


Trevor is the compliance officer for MacroLend, an assessor for Great Southland Capital, and is a member of the credit committee of ASP Treasury Ltd. Trevor has worked in the Banking and Finance industry since joining Westpac Bank in 1978. With tenures in many departments at the bank Trevor progressed to Senior Credit Analyst where he provided lending advice to the bank’s branch network including lending policy and mortgagee sales. In 2002 Trevor moved to the fast growing Aussie Home Loans firstly as a Loans Assessor and later as a regional Credit Coach. In 2006 he joined Investor Finance providing in-house education and training to new mortgage brokers. Trevor joined Paladin in 2010 to support its Australian Credit License and brings decades of experience in credit analysis to Paladin projects and clients.