True Alternative to a Traditional Bank


Many banks and institutions in the world are offering interest rates of 1% or less on their deposits. Some banks are now offering Term Deposits with negative interest rates. Many of these institutions have large branch overheads, poor performing assets and public shareholders to please. 

ASPT has

  • no branch network
  • no costly overheads
  • no public shareholders to please
  • no obscene executive management packages

This enables us to offer attractive returns to small depositors that are superior to many other financial institutions. We achieve this through ASPT Deposits and ASPT Private Wealth.

Dominoes - ASPT protects your wealth


Traditional banks invest into asset classes that can be unpredictable, volatile, and difficult to evaluate. This exposure has created instability in the international banking system and has led to the introduction of the Bail-In legislation in January 2016. Therefore, your Term Deposit funds are at higher risk of being Bailed-In (lost) in the event of a banking downturn.

We do not invest into any risky asset classes and are not subject to the Bail-In laws. We are what banks originally set out to be – purely a secured commercial lender. With a wealth of over 54 years’ lending experience in the finance and banking industries, our credit committee will only offer commercial loans to carefully qualified applicants who are of good character, who present strong security, and who demonstrate a robust ability to repay the loans.

This proven business model provides security on capital advanced and gives us the ability to provide higher returns in comparison to many other financial institutions.

aspt-backed by australian assets


We are proudly Australian managed and owned. Australia is one of only eight AAA rated economies and is one of the most politically stable countries in the world. We understand the importance of preserving capital and our high standards of mitigating geo-political risk leads to greater security for our deposit holders.

The ability of our Team to innovate and pioneer risk management strategies was highlighted in 2011 with the design and patenting of a market leading capital protection instrument in conjunction with one of the world’s premier banks.

Our management team is brimming with international experience and are sought after speakers at conferences, summits, and seminars all over the world. This has led to strong international relationships which provide ASPT with access to a global network of lucrative business and banking opportunities which are not available to most organisations. These opportunities provide us with the means to develop attractive financial products that directly prosper you, our account holders.


Around the world millions of people are suffering as a result of social and economic distress caused by a culture of greed and corruption. Homelessness, starvation, unemployment, sexual abuse, substance abuse, trafficking, domestic violence, unsustainable debt, financial hardship, the unfunded liabilities of governments, the refugee crises, and much more, are all symptoms of this entrenched culture of “maximising self-interest at the expense of others”
Our broader vision is to address the root cause of this immense injustice through our affiliate ASP Movement (ASPM). ASPM has pioneered the concept of a “Just Nation powered by the Preferred Economy” which has gained significant momentum in Australia. ASPM will deliver the culture change and the socioeconomic reform to be set as a benchmark for the rest of the world to follow.

When you deposit with us (ASPT), you become part of the solution to this unacceptable human tragedy.

We can help astute individuals and families grow, protect and enjoy their wealth. Our global network allows us to source a range of lucrative income producing opportunities not normally accessible through traditional private banking. Through our sophisticated credit policy, we achieve security on capital advanced, and produce consistent high income for our Private Wealth Clients.